The Old and The New

I had just posted two blog posts on my old blog. I told myself that a brand new life could be started from where you left out, weaved together with the memories- in other words, I can continue writing on my old blog. It felt good and familiar anyway. I had been keeping the blog since I was 17. I am turning 30 now. I was harping about how the blog had seen me grown over the years. I was proud of the fact that I managed to continue and consistently blogging for 13 years.

Feeling satisfied with myself, I published it.

Somehow, that action led to me sifting through my old blog posts. The ones from 2007. I cringed and whined at my short-sighted views on many issues and matters. Sure, I can testify that it was the 17-18 years old me talking. But what about the others who read it? Everyone did stupid stuff when they were young, but it is not good idea to let other people know what you had done, even when you’re now in your late twenties.

Just like the diaries that I wrote in during my tumultuous adolescent years, I could never let anyone read my innermost, immature thoughts of my teenage years. When I die, I want to leave a great legacy to my children. A blog or website, even books that serve a good purpose, not a blog full of fluffs and embarrassments where everyone in the world could see and read.

I am about to turn 30 this year. I had just gotten married. I might have kids soon. I figure this is the time for me to turn a new leaf, to write something worthwhile.

The old blog will always serve as an archives of memories for me. Today, I want to start a brand new life with a brand new blog. There are some read worthy stuff I had written on my old blog. Those are the ones which I spent hours and thoughts to put them into words. Hence, I will transfer some of the posts here.

Oh well, I have to start writing now! I hope to be more consistent in writing, posting at least one blog post per week, insya Allah. 😊

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