My first radio interview!


I am so glad that my radio interview is over. I mean, I was so nervous. I couldn’t sleep properly the night before. My mouth kept on repeating the same phrases and sentences that I had memorized over and over again.

So, let’s begin. Actually, how should I start? Let’s begin with how I scored a radio interview with Bernama Radio, to deliver a topic titled ‘Kawal Osteoporosis: Apakah Ubatnya?’ to the citizens in Malaysia, cewwahh.. Bernama Radio is broadcasted all over Malaysia.. Surely I couldn’t screw this up!

I was in this group ‘Webinar Berhadapan dengan Media’, a group where one or two pharmacists representing each state were given the opportunity to join a Webinar hosted by the highly esteemed RTM TV Host, Sayed Munawwar. The BPF Kelantan just suggested my name to be one of the participants.

In this Webinar, we were taught on how to prepare ourselves in front of media. How to handle questions, and many other beneficial things. In fact, when I joined the webinar, I was in awe and inspired upon knowing that quite a number of pharmacists from the states of Selangor and KL, mostly, who had appeared either on the radio or TV. Whereas me? Nope, none of that experience! šŸ¤­ I felt it was something big and I wasn’t up for it.

So even long after the webinar ended, the group participants still interacted with each other, showing and sharing about the shows that they are handling and going to appear in.

Then one day, my friend Sof, who is the group moderator- also one of the top people of BPF KKM, asked if anyone from outside of KL or Selangor would want to volunteer for a phonecall interview for Nasional fm? I thought and mulled about it at first. I was nervous, scared. But I wanted to push myself. Pushing my limits. So after several hours, I gathered all my courage and whatsapped Sof, asking whether there’s anyone already filling up the place. If someone had already volunteered, then it’s okay. šŸ˜Š

To my surprise, she said no one had volunteered yet. But then she made another offer: for me to appear in a 30 minutes video call interview on Bernama Radio.

I said okay, and I was given a script for the topic ‘Kawal Osteoporosis: Apakah Ubatnya?’. I kept on practicing and practicing every night, memorizing the script, trying to adjust my intonation so it doesn’t look like I was just reading from the texts. I also recorded my voice and cringed upon listening how it sounds like. šŸ˜‚

So the poster and letter were finalised a week before. Oh yeah, my colleague Salmah took this picture of me and I sent it to Sof.

It felt surreal, LOL.

So I promoted it to some of the WhatsApp groups I am in, and that includes my family’s WhatsApp Group.

The day before the radio interview: Sof messaged me, saying that Bernama had some kind of problems with their Skype, and they are unable to conduct the Video Call Interview, and they had to call me instead.

I was distraught at first. But later thinking that it’s a good thing. I would probably appear so nervous during the video call or something. šŸ˜‚ Allah knows best!

And the night before, like I said, I couldn’t sleep. There are many thoughts playing on my mind, and most of them are negative, of course. I kept on thinking about the What Ifs. What if the coverage is bad? What if I said something wrong? What if I embarrassed my family, my hospital, my pharmacy department, the pharmacy profession, MYSELF?

But I tried to have a good opinion of Allah and His Plans. He had brought me all the way here, and He won’t leave me all alone to u myself. He is always here, supporting me. Plus, I was reminded of this life’s mantra that I had been holding on to since my undergraduate years:


So, on the day of the interview, which is today, I woke up for Subuh, praying to Allah to help me. I also kept in reciting the doa Nabi Musa made when he was about to face Pharaoh.

The doa that we had been reciting everyday before classes started at school right? šŸ˜

I got all dressed, even though I’m just staying indoor, hehe. And patiently waited for the time when the clock would strike 8.30 am.

8.25. 5 minutes to go. 8.28 am. TWO minutes to go and… Okay, it’s already 8.30 am.

A number called me, saying that she will connect the call to the radio deejays and I just said okay. A few moments later, the chirpy voices of the deejays greeted me.

I was nervous at first, I think I stammered a bit in the beginning, but I tried to control my voice intonation, etc, and alhamdulillah, managed to regain my composure.

And so I talked and talked and talked. Luckily I had memorized my script, made research on the questions they might probably ask, (and they did!) and well, the bad thing about phone call interview is that you couldn’t see or gauge the expression of the interviewers. So I wouldn’t know whether they were listening or just yawning, waiting for the session to be over. šŸ˜‚ So it seemed like I was talking to myself. Of course, I felt nervous. I couldn’t wait for everything to be over, but at the same time, I didn’t want to rush, which would affect my tempo.

I had initially thought that there would be a song included between the intervals of the question, but no. The session lasted for about 15 minutes plus and once I finished the whole session, I was so relieved!!!

There was a missed call from my mom and I called her back. She said I was doing great, and it was very clear, informative, etc.

Other people’s reactions had so far been positive. They complimented me for my clear voice and intonation. Alhamdulillah. I attribute each percent of my success only to Allah. Everything is possible because of Him and I won’t claim any credit for it. šŸ˜

So, alhamdulillah. My first radio interview had turned out to be a success, I think. Okayla, give la some credit to me haha. But 90% of it is because of Allah. Allah had made it possible for me to memorize the script and deliver the information clearly.

So, the moral of the story is, you shouldn’t wait for people to offer you something in life. When an opportunity came presenting itself in front of you, you must grab hold of it. Don’t ever let it go, no matter how scared you are. The same opportunities would rarely come twice. Also, learn to face your fear by being fully prepared, and keep on praying to Allah to help you.

Alhamdulillah, I made it. I pray that more opportunities will come my way and I will grab them, one by one, facing and conquering my fears, which lead to me improving myself as an individual, my skills honed, resulting in me flourishing in my career, insya Allah. šŸ˜Š

And oh, here’s the link to my radio interview. I couldn’t finish listening to the replay. šŸ˜‚

Sarah’s Bernama Radio Interview

Thanks for reading and OMG, I really really miss writing. šŸ„ŗ

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