9 things I learned in January

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello everyone!

First of all, I must congratulate myself for posting 4 blog posts for 4 consecutive weekends last month (even though 2 of them are throwback posts because I had a deadline to catch and also because I miss traveling so much)! I miss 2019 BC and the years beyond where we were free to go anywhere we wanted, and not wearing face masks each time we were out. To think again, we really took things for granted back then.

It’s true what Jason Mraz said the absence of the light is a necessary part ~~~. Only when we have something taken from us, will we then appreciate its absence. This also applies to people. So, treasure everything and everyone that you have now.

Anyway, I had promised myself that the year 2021 will be a year of Growth. A year where I can truly push my limits, and gather the courage for me to step out of my comfort zone. This is the year where I must finish everything that I had started (like finish writing my novel, etc- except finishing my Mandarin Language course *cringe*) and this is the year where I will be an improved version of myself than I was in 2020, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I must not compare myself with other people’s achievements. I must compare the Sarah in 2021, with the Sarah in 2020, or the Sarah in 2010.

As many of my friends and colleagues have known, in January 2021, I had taken a leap of faith, just like how Ted Mosby jumped towards the other building. HAHA. Okay, not literally for me. I had become an entrepreneur! Sarah in 2020 and Sarah in 2010 would not have believed that Sarah in 2021 finally did it!

You see, Sarah in 2010 and 2020 had thought of becoming entrepreneur by selling her own products, like building my own lipstick brand, opening a socks company- The name that I had chosen back then was SOCKZ UNLIMITED hahaha, dabble into candle-making business, organic skincare, and many more. But those were just wishful thoughts and dreams. I had tried making my own lipbalms, but it was too messy and well, quite difficult. I also need to have a proper working station in order for me to do that, plus the equipment, the product registration at NPRA, JAKIM, etc.  On top of that, I’m also working full-time as a pharmacist. When will I have the time to mix my own lipbalms? I often returned home so tired and weary. So my dreams had slowly been buried.

So I thought.

Until that one night in January 2021. To be specific, 6th January 2021. I don’t know how, but my fingers kind of had powers of their own. Haha.  They typed down the messages to my friend H, telling her of my interest of becoming a dropship for an amazing F&B company called Mamasab International, of whom H is also a master stockist. H is also a full-time dentist working in a government clinic!

You see, my dreams of establishing my own products might have died down, but I guess the spirit of entrepreneurship is still there. I really have respect and admiration towards my friends who are involved in many kinds of businesses, especially those who are doing it part-time. Those who have a full-time job like me, and had chosen not to become complacent with what they have, and instead, grab other opportunities that came in their way. No, I am not in any way chastising those who refused to do part-time jobs. I understand. The word complacent is referred to me. I am complacent with what I have. A well-paid job that could sustain my living. But somehow, my heart yearned for more. Not for more money, but for more fulfilment in life.  A chance to prove to myself that I can do it if I really work hard for it. Monetary rewards are just secondary.

Thus, the initial reason of me deciding to become a dropship is because I simply want to have more to do in my life. I want to learn new things. Never had I ever intended to become a millionaire. I simply wanted to do it for fun. My thoughts when joining Mamasab was:

  • Being a dropship is enough. I don’t want to aim for Master Stockist. It’s too hard.
  • I might be doing this only for a short time.

But when I read back about these thoughts, I could see that Sarah post 2020 was a really complacent, unambitious and inconsistent person.

So I made a pact with myself. “Sarah, you must continue doing this all the way. You promised yourself that you will finish what you had started! You must be consistent whether you liked it or not. Consistency is the key towards achieving your goals!”

Thus, I had no choice but to give my best, thanks to H who guided me all the way.  Alhamdulillah, from a mere dropship, I am now and agent and I currently have 3 dropships under me. I also made around RM5k plus of sales and is in the Top 8 agents of my team. The only newcomer who made it to the Hall of Fame in January.  Alhamdulillah.  So insya Allah, I am going to go all the way out. Plus, without me realizing it, I had slowly changed to a better version of myself, all from the simple decision of joining a business. I think everyone who had joined any business, not just Mamasab, would have agreed that they had indeed, learned some or all the lessons I had listed below.

Thus, the 9 lessons I learned in January are:

1. I learned not to be unnecessarily embarrassed or shy. The Malays said Jangan malu tak kena tempat. When joining, I was initially aghast on the idea of promoting and marketing my products all over Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp Stories. I was too shy to do so. I am an introvert. I am soo embarrassed. What would people think? That I don’t have enough money? LOL.

But seriously why should you be embarrassed or ashamed of selling stuff? You’re not begging for money

2. Don’t be afraid of getting rejected. And moving on quickly after getting rejected. Yes, joining Mamasab had taught me to become thick-skinned. I would shamelessly promote my products via personal Whatsapp or in person. It took me immense courage to advertise my products in my work Whatsapp groups. If they want to buy it, Alhamdulillah it’s a rezeki. If they don’t, well then it’s okay. It doesn’t matter if people don’t reply to my Whatsapp. I don’t feel anything! I quickly moved on. Yaay

3. Doing this had brought me out of my comfort zone. Which is always a good thing. Same goes with my decision of transferring to a big state hospital from a small district hospital. I wanted to seek more knowledge. Alhamdulillah I’m thriving and surviving here. Changes are hard in the beginning, messy in the middle, but beautiful in the end, insya Allah.

4. I learn new things, business and marketing, which they didn’t teach in Pharmacy school. There are many classes and coaching given by the top leaders in Mamasab. They are also so inspiring

5. Time management. I am still coping with this. Juggling between business and work. I must prioritize my work first. Only when I had completed my tasks will I attend to the business matters. Promoting and posting pictures on social media/Whatsapp must only be done before work, during lunch hour and after working hours.

6. Rezeki always comes from Allah. It doesn’t come from you or your efforts. So, don’t be arrogant. Always pray to Allah. Give charity. Read al-Waqiah every night.

7. Be happy for other people’s sales/achievements. Don’t be envious or jealous. Allah had already set the portions of rezeki for you and for other people. Don’t be afraid of getting your customers taken away from you. Your customers also come from Allah. Seek Him instead.

8. Be really grateful and appreciative to your team members and customers. Yes, they really contributed to my sales. I am nothing without them. Alhamdulillah.

And lastly.

9. People’s opinions about me don’t matter. I used to worry so much about this that it gave me anxiety. I become more confident now. I love myself more. I stopped overthinking about unnecessary stuff. Joining this business had offered me liberty and freedom. The freedom of not caring what other people think. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. The most important thing is my own opinion about myself.

Like Eleanor Roosevelt famously said “No one can make me inferior without my consent,”

I think that is all from me. If there is one thing I hope you could learn from reading this is that:

“You are capable of doing more than what you think you could,”

Thank you for reading!

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