Lessons and Improvements

Assalamualaikum wbt and a very good day everyone.

I told myself that I should write something out here at least once a week. It could be random ramblings, it doesn’t have to be perfect. I just have to type all the words coming out from my head, you know, emptying out my head from all the occurences happened for the past 7 days, do some reflections and just get ready for a brand new week, with a fresh start.

The week started off with the demise of my husband’s grandmother. She was 90 plus of age, and she has several comorbidities like DM and IHD. The news came as a shock, but not shocking enough as she’s already so old. It got me thinking how life on this earth is so transient. Just two nights before she was sleeping in her own house with her family and who would have known that two nights after, she would be spending her nights alone in the grave. What about us? Where would we be sleeping tomorrow? The future is unknown. We have no power over what is going to happen to us even 1 minute in the future. So we have to live our best life, living each and every moment with the intention of pleasing Allah, and trusting Him to protect us from harms and guide us towards the right path. Aameen.

The days after the funeral, I was rather busy at work. I don’t know whether it’s PMS, but I was feeling really overwhelmed with so many things to do. I used to take things at a stride, feeling calm that I can do this, with Allah’s help. But on that particular day, I was rambling like mad on instagram (close friends only) saying how I hate doing the tasks other than my pharmacist job, how I have to make sure everything is completed by the end of this month and yadda yadda. I was even angry to my superiors.

I guess the pandemic had taken its toll on me. I couldn’t see my family in Kedah. I cried on the first day of Hari Raya for not being able to spend my second consecutive Raya with them. I wanted a time out, I desperately needed a vacation, to go somewhere far, where I don’t have to think about work. I miss the freedom. There was this hole in my heart that is yearning to be filled with something I thought would satisfy me. I knew I should be turning to Allah, and so I did, praying that He will fill this opened hole in my heart again.

I even thought of booking a hotel room just to have that vacation ambience but I shouldn’t be wasting my money on that as I knew the effect was only temporary. The same goes with impulse buying. I desperately needed to go to a bookstore-my happy place. Just looking at and surrounded by books make me happy already. It’s one of the places where I could recharge my happy battery.

But no, bookstores are not deemed essential so they are not opened. So I planned something else. Upon returning home, I shall clean and scrub my toilet really hard. I will vacuum the whole house. Perhaps by doing that, I can feel better.

I did just that and alhamdulillah, I feel so satisfied and happy! Thank you Allah. It shows that you don’t need any material stuff to make you feel happy. Just a simple act of scrubbing and cleaning can wipe the clutters off your mind. It also shows that as with the acts of physical cleaning, your mind and soul should be cleaned regularly as well, through dzikr and perhaps journaling, and talking to Allah. I am going to try my hands on gardening next.

Then, the second hot issue happening this week is about a highly esteemed professor with her ‘Women should act bodo-bodo to get jodoh’. I wouldn’t comment much on that, only that you should never change yourself to be someone you’re not in order to get jodoh. But if you’re doing it for yourself, to better yourself up, then it’s great! Don’t do things for other people. Do it because of Allah. And Allah knows that you are special in your own way, so instead of changing yourself for other people, keep on improving so you can be the best version of yourself. There is no need of pretending to be someone else.

Also, I guess this issue has lessons for both Prof and the audience/netizens. As a public figure, she should be more careful with her choice of words and for us, we should not be too quick to judge others. If we have nothing good to say, then stay silent.

Thirdly, I am currently in a quest to improve myself to be a better servant to Allah, a better person overall. I am trying my best to be a consistent, disciplined person who is also productive, with a good time management.

There are two things I have major struggles in. They are: Waking up early for tahajjud and running on the treadmill.

Of course, the biggest aim is for me to be able to wake up at 5 am EVERYDAY and running on the treadmill EVERYDAY. But come on, it’s difficult to straight away change your habits drastically.

So what I’m going to do is to start small. I’m going to start with once a week routine. Like, pick a day for me to do that. For example, waking up for tahajjud on Friday and running on the treadmill for at least 15 minutes a week on Saturday. I’m going to stick to this routine until the end of the month and then I’m going to add on bit by bit, may Allah ease my struggles aameen. I really have sooo many flaws and so many things to improve about myself. It’s not too late. But I do hope that I will be able to fully acquire the good habits by the end of the year, insya Allah.

Lastly, I am so excited to announce the name of my team in Mamasab. It’s #TeamSarahSynergy! Yaay! I actually had to consult a thesaurus to choose this name. Never thought of Synergy. I’ve always known about the synergistic effects of drugs, but to use the word Synergy in my team, this is so apt! Each team member plays their respective parts, each contributing to the group sales.

You know what are the things I love about joining Mamasab? It gives to the opportunity for me to lead, to learn how to lead and inspire, to communicate effectively with my team members, something I couldn’t do in my workplace as I’m merely an employee. You shouldn’t direct or force, you should inspire! I pray that everyone in my team would keep on soaring and that we will achieve millions in sales one day, aameen.

Oh by the way, I am also a dropship for Sabella and The Raw skincare haha. I love doing this entrepeneurship! Never though I’d love doing businesses or marketing. You see, when Allah nudged me, when He inspired me to join Mamasab, it means that He knows that it’s the best time for me to do that. Just like how He opened up my heart to get married hahaha. Okay too much info.

I guess that’s all for me. I am writing this post-treadmill running and I can’t wait for tonight’s agenda where I shall finish reading Simon Sinek’s ‘The Power of Why’. 😀

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Such a long post! With that, thank you for reading and Assalamualaikum wbt!

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