Of Time Management and Productivity.

Assalamualaikum wbt and good afternoon everyone!

I have always struggled with time management ever since I was a teenager, but as I grew older, I am always trying to utilize my time productively and be responsible with it.

This is a huge contrast of the younger teenager me at school, where I would be punished by the teacher almost every year for not completing my homework. LOL. Back then, I never actually thought that time management is important, and in order to achieve what I want, I need to manage my time well.

I was always dreaming about what I wanted to achieve, without actually allocating my time on what I should do. I never planned my time in details, just going with the flow.

I didn’t know the precious, priceless value of time. I did not even have a planner. I planned everything in my head, LOL. I didn’t have a to-do list.

All that changed after I left school and entered my foundation studies. My attitude had changed 180 degrees. I made sure I completed all my tutorials and assignments on time. The main driving factor for this change of behaviour was due to the determination and promise I made to myself that I wanted to change to become a better person and excel in my studies. Since then, this attitude had been carried forward until this day. I had simply acted according to my age. My lecturer said that the difference between a child and adult is the responsibility. As an adult, you need to be responsible for everything. Your life, your time, and if you’re married with children, you need to be responsible for your spouse and children’s wellbeing.

Alhamdulillah so far now, I am quite adept in managing the duties entrusted to me at work. I arrived early at work, I never forgot my shifts and I made sure I completed all tasks on time/before the deadlines. My principle is to fully use my time at work to complete everything, and not to bring my work home. Because work and personal matters should be separated. When you’re at home, you should focus on other things.

And that is exactly what I am struggling with. How to manage my time productively after work. I had come to acknowlege that time is very precious and I must utilize each second of it towards doing beneficial stuff.

When I wasted my time on things that do not benefit me or others, I would feel stressed, anxious, inadequate. Thinking I had failed myself. I realized that when I use my time well, I will feel happy and less anxious.

When I write on my notebook the list of tasks I need to complete for the day, there is this unexplainable feeling of satisfaction when I cross off the list one after another. Even though the task completed is as easy and simple as reading a chapter of a book. I will feel very accomplished, and it further inspires me to cross off everything and emerge as a winner of my own day!

For example, yesterday and today had been amazing. It is weekend in Kelantan, and yet I didn’t resume my so-called weekend sleep after performing my subuh prayer. Instead, I did my laundry, swept and mopped the whole house, cooked breakfast and lunch, read a book, wrote on my journal, called my mom, even run on the treadmill for 30 minutes. It was rather tiring, but I felt so satisfied. It was an amazing feeling! Today was pretty much the same, alhamdulillah. My only regret was I didn’t manage to wake up for tahajjud. 😦

But all in all, my weekend had been one productive weekend! I do not feel as though this precious two days off had gone to waste by just binging on dramas or series and sleeping all day long.

And when you had achieved a productive weekend, you will feel more than ready to welcome a new week ahead!

Plus, I have many personal dreams to be realized and fulfilled. Thus, each moment should be used towards achieving those dreams and goals. Everyone has the same 24 hours in their lives. Even the successful people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and well, Siti Noor Sabrina Binti Noorin *winks*.

Sure, things don’t always go according to plan. But when you plan your day, you’re actually planning your life, you’re also in the process of improving and upgrading yourself at the same time! Don’t feel distraught if you only managed to tick off one thing in your to-do list. For example, you only managed to wash your clothes. It’s okay, at least you managed to follow 10% of your plans. That’s way better than not planning your day at all. Remember, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Celebrate the small wins. When you managed to plan and follow your plans, you are actually in charge of your own life! That is an amazing achievement!

Time management is so amazing. If possible, I would like to spend every second of my life doing something purposeful and meaningful, insya Allah. I will keep on praying to Allah to give more barakah to my time, so I can use it productively, in ways that earn His pleasure, insya Allah.

Okay, another blog post for the week is done! Alhamdulillah! One task crossed off my to-do list for the day!

Thank you for reading!

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